Research opportunities and support for undergraduates

Research Opportunities

At UVA Math Department

As of Spring 2018, there is a number of faculty members interested in mentoring undergraduate research:

  • Julie Bergner,   319 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: Topology, algebra, combinatorics
    Background needed: Flexible; General Topology and/or Survey of Algebra needed for some projects
    Availability: Fall 2019

  • Prasit Bhattacharya,   131 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: Topology, geometry, algebra, number theory
    Background needed: Topics are flexible depending on the background
    Availability: Spring 2018

  • Yen Do,   329 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: Analysis, probability
    Background needed: Real Analysis, Probability, Linear Algebra
    Availability: Spring 2018

  • Juraj Földes,   322 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: Differential equations, Probability
    Background needed: Linear algebra, Differential equations, Probability (for some projects)
    Availability: Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019

  • Benjamin Hayes,   219 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: Ergodic theory of actions on compact groups by automorphisms
    Background needed: MATH 4652 , MATH 4310 , or permission
    Availability: Spring 2018

  • Craig Huneke,   231 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: Commutative algebra
    Background needed: A basic algebra course on groups and rings, preferably Galois theory
    Availability: Fall 2018 or later

  • Thomas Koberda,   304 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: Group theory, topology
    Background needed: Abstract algebra, preferably some background in topology
    Availability: Spring 2018

  • Slava Krushkal,   321 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: Knot theory, topological combinatorics
    Background needed: MATH 4750 , MATH 4720 , or MATH 4770
    Availability: Spring 2019

  • Sara Maloni,   309 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: Geometric Topology, Combinatorics, Dynamics
    Background needed: Flexible, preferably Topology and Survey of Algebra
    Availability: Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019

  • Leonid Petrov,   209 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: Combinatorial probability
    Background needed: Calculus 3, Complex Variables, Probability, interest in coding
    Availability: Fall 2018, Spring 2019

  • Karen Parshall,   226 Kerchof Hall
    Research area: History of mathematics
    Background needed: Survey of Modern Algebra or Basic Real Analysis
    Availability: Spring 2018

Outside the Department

There are opportunities to participate in mathematics research at the undergraduate level. In particular, the AMS has compiled a list of summer REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) that are organized at various institutions throughout the US.

Research Support