University of Virginia Topology Seminar 2014-15

Fall Semester

Date Speaker Title
September 10 Nick Kuhn (UVA) Adams filtration and Hurewicz maps for infinite loopspaces
September 17 Mike Hill (UVA) On the fate of $\eta^3$ in Hopkins-Miller spectra
September 24 Luis Pereira (UVA) On algebras over an operad
October 1 Greg Arone (UVA) Meditations on the Whitehead conjecture and its bu analogue
October 8 Robert Lipshitz (Columbia) A Khovanov stable homotopy type
October 15 Jon Beardsley (JHU) Ravenel's $X(n)$ Spectra as Iterated Hopf-Galois Extensions
November 12 Nick Kuhn (UVA) The Noetherian property of generic representations of finite fields
November 26 Joseph Hirsh (MIT) Model structures for coalgebras
December 3 No Seminar Thanksgiving
December 10 Guozhen Wang (MIT) Unstable Chromatic Homotopy Theory

Spring Semester

Date Speaker Title
January 22 Charmaine Sia (Harvard) Structures on forms of K-theory
January 29 Greg Arone (UVA) A branching rule for Lie(n) and the partition poset
February 5 Lennart Meier (UVA) The homotopy theory of homotopy theories
February 12 Greg Arone (UVA) The topological Tverberg conjecture, again.
February 19 Viktoriya Ozornova (Bremen) Fibrancy of partial model categories
February 26 Emanuele Dotto (MIT) Equivariant calculus of functors
March 5 Mona Merling (JHU) * CANCELED DUE TO SNOW * Equivariant algebraic K-theory
March 12 No Seminar Spring Break
March 19 Vitaly Lorman (JHU) Computing with Real Johnson-Wilson Theories
March 26 Agnes Beaudry (UChicago) The Chromatic Splitting Conjecture at $n=p=2$
April 2 Michael Andrews Non-nilpotent elements in motivic homotopy theory
April 16 Irina Bobkova (Rochester) Resolutions of the $K(2)$-local sphere spectrum
April 23 Andrew Putman (Rice) Representation-theoretic patterns in the stable cohomology of congruence subgroups


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