University of Virginia Topology Seminar 2011-12

Fall Semester

Date Speaker Title
August 25 Everyone Organizational Meeting
September 1 Nick Kuhn Dyer-Lashof operations in spectral sequences for towers
September 8 Mike Hill Equivariant Localizations
September 15 Greg Arone What is homotopy descent anyway?
September 22 John Etnyre (GA Tech) The classification of Legendrian and transversal knots
September 29 Jack Morava (JHU) Diagonalizing the genome
October 6 Frank Quinn (VA Tech) Modules over ring spectra, with ideas about applications to manifolds
October 13 Inna Zakharevic (MIT) A K-theoretic construction of scissors congruence spectra
October 20 Gereon Quick (Harvard) Hodge filtered complex cobordism
October 25 Vincent Franjou (University of Nantes) Higher invariant theory and power surjectivity
October 27 Rosona Eldred (UIUC) Nilpotence and Approximations of Functors
October 31 Everyone Halloween Party! (6-9pm)
November 3 Jason McCarty (UVA) Examples of exotic convergence in a spectral sequence for H_*(Omega^infty X)
November 10 Teena Gerhardt (MSU) Cyclotomic spectra and computations in algebraic K-theory
November 17 John Francis (Northwestern) Factorization homology of topological manifolds
November 24 No Seminar Thanksgiving
December 1 Kyle Ormsby (MIT) Tate normal form in level resolutions of the K(2)-local sphere
December 8 Daniel Pryor (UVA) Topological Categories and Manifold Calculus

Spring Semester

Date Speaker Title
January 19 Everyone Organizational Meeting
January 26 Nick Kuhn (UVA) Iterated Dyer-Lashof operations and Hecke algebras of type A
February 9 Kristen Mazur (UVA) Presenting Tambara Functors
February 9 Carolyn Yarnall (UVA) The Equivariant Slice Filtration
February 16 Greg Arone (UVA) Sharp decompositions of equivariant homology
February 23 David Ayala (Harvard) Locally standard geometries and algebraic structures
February 28 Stefan Schwede (Bonn) Equivariant properties of symmetric products
March 1 Olga Stroilova (MIT) t_k and L(n)
March 8 No Seminar Spring Break
March 15 John Klein (Wayne State) Algebraic Topology and the Quantization of Fluctuating Currents
March 20 Robin Koytcheff (Brown) A colored operad for infection of links
March 29 Mike Hill (UVA) What do we mean by 'G-symmetric monoidal'?
April 12 Anna Marie Bohmann (Northwestern) The Equivariant Generating Hypothesis
April 19 Charles Frohman (UIA) SU(3) representations of web groups
May 1 End of Semester Party!
May 3 Bill Dwyer (Notre Dame) Exterior algebras run amok


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