University of Virginia Topology Seminar 2008-09

Fall Semester

Date Speaker Title
September 4 Slava Krushkal (UVa) Quantum topology and the chromatic polynomial
September 11 Nick Kuhn (UVa) Some Topological Non-realization Results
September 18 Joe Johnson (UVa) A $\lambda$-ring structure on $\mathbb K(X)$.
September 25 Stephen Griffith (U. Minn) Positivity in torus equivariant K-theory of homogeneous spaces
October 2 Mike Hill (UVA) Motivic THH
October 9 Nick Kuhn (UVA) Some Topological Non-realization Results II
October 17 Kai-Uwe Bux (UVA) Thompson's group V is linear
October 23 Eric Finster (UVA) Stabilization of Homotopy Limits
October 30 Greg Arone (UVA) Filtered spectra arising from augmented Gamma-spaces
November 6 Charles Rezk (UIUC) A Cartesian Presentation of n-Categories
November 13 Boldizsar Kalmar (Columbia) Singular maps, cobordism, and applications in low dimension
November 20 David Sherman (UVA) Variations on Kuratowski's 14-set theorem
November 27 No Seminar Thanksgiving
December 4 Jeremy Van Horn-Morris (U Quebec, Montreal) Monoids and Contact Structures

Spring Semester

Date Speaker Title
January 15 Ismar Volic (Wellesley) Multivariable Calculus and Link Spaces
January 22 Jongil Park (Seoul National U) Symplectic 4-manifolds with b2+=1 versus complex surfaces with pg=0
January 29 Nick Kuhn (UVa) A new proof of a result of Arone and Mahowald
February 5 Eric Finster (UVa) Simplicial Sets and the Calculus of Coends
February 12 Greg Arone (UVa) Operads, Modules, and the Chain Rule
February 19 James Hughes (UVa) Operads: A Crash Course
February 26 Nick Kuhn (UVA) Representing Homology with Manifolds
March 5 No Seminar Spring Break
March 12 Calder Wishne Topology and Robotics
March 19 Victor Turchin (Kansas State University) Hodge Decomposition in the Homology of Long Knots
March 26 TBA TBA
April 2 Joanna Kania-Bartoszynska (NSF) Topological applications of quantum invariants
April 9 Mike Hill (UVA) Equivariant Homotopy Theory
April 16 Ben Cooper (UCSD) Homology and 3-manifold cobordisms
April 23 Abdelmalek Abdesselam (UVA) Upper bounds for classical spin networks
April 30 Jozef Przytycki (George Washington U) Algebra Situs: Panorama of Skein Modules


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