University of Virginia Topology Seminar 2006-07

Fall Semester

Date Speaker Title
September 7 Mike Hill (UVa) Adams Spectral Sequence for ko, tmf, & eo_{p-1}
September 14 Nick Kuhn (UVa) Introduction to the Telescope Conjecture
September 21 Michael Ching (JHU) Chain Rule for Goodwillie Derivatives
September 28 Jacob Lurie (Harvard) Equivariant Cohomology via Algebraic Groups
October 5 Nick Kuhn (UVa) Introduction to the Telescope Conjecture II
October 12 Kai-Uwe Bux (UVa) Connectivity of Spheres and Horospheres in Euclidean Buildings
October 19 Mike Hill (UVa) Computing THH of ku
October 26 Nik Saveliev (U of Miami) End-Periodic Dirac Operators and Applications to Topology
November 2 Nick Kuhn (UVa) Central Detection Numbers in Group Cohomology
November 9 Nick Kuhn (UVa) Central Detection Numbers is Group Cohomology II
November 16 Stefan Schwede (Bonn / MIT) On the Homotopy Groups of Symmetric Spectra
November 23 No Seminar Thanksgiving
November 30 Brendan Owens Knots, Crossing Changes, and Heegaard Floer Homology
December 7 Bob Stong (UVa) SU(n)/SO(n): Landweber's manifolds Bob's Notes

Spring Semester

Date Speaker Title
January 18 Greg Arone (UVA) Deloopings for Connecting Maps in Taylor Towers Notes
January 25 Pascal Lambrechts Blowups of Symplectic Manifolds and Rational Homotopy Theory
February 8 John Etnyre (Georgia Tech) Lefschetz Fibrations and the Topology of 4 Manifolds
February 15 Nick Kuhn (UVA) The Whitehead Conjecture
February 22 Nick Kuhn (UVA) The Whitehead Conjecture II
March 1 Mike Hill (UVA) THH(\ell) and THH(ko)
March 8 No Seminar Spring Break
March 15 Soren Galatius (Stanford) Homotopy Type of the Cobordism Category
March 22 Slava Krushkal (UVA) Topological Arbiters
April 12 TBA TBA
April 19 Frank Quinn (VA Tech) K-theory of Infinite Groups
April 26 Jim Belk (Texas A&M) Conjugacy and Dynamics in Thompson's Groups
May 3 Joanna Kania-Bartoszynska (NSF) TBA


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