Graduate Students Seminar

Regular time and location: Fridays 2-3:20pm, Kerchof 111, with a 2-2:20pm snack reception in the Kerchof 1st-floor graduate lounge.

Talks are delivered in hybrid format at this zoom link
Meeting ID: 994 6719 5859
Passcode: 188394
Description The graduate seminar provides, since the spring of 1999, a friendly atmosphere for students to give talks about their current interests, research, or teaching at a lower intensity level than that of other seminars.

The graduate seminar is designed with several goals in mind. Firstly, it gives students a chance to interact outside of class while providing exposure to some of the current interests of the department. Thus, graduate students in their early years can become more familiar with departmental areas of study, and are encouraged to boost their speaking experience by delivering their own talks at the graduate seminar. Moreover, it provides graduate students an open forum to practice giving mathematical talks, such as thesis defenses, conference/seminar talks, or final presentations, in a supportive environment.

The graduate seminar is intended for students so as to foster a relaxed atmosphere for discussion, which makes it easier for the speakers and promotes audience participation. Most talks last about 50 minutes, leaving time for questions afterwards. There has been a variety of topics covered: some students have discussed their research, while others have delivered expository talks that may not be related to their studies.
UVA Graduate Students Seminar Notes Repository available at this link

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