University of Virginia Geometry Seminar 2013-14

Fall Semester

Date Speaker Title
August 27 John Baldwin (Boston College) A Bordered Monopole Floer Theory
August 28 Michael Freedman (Microsoft Station Q) "Over-gauging a field"
September 3 Organizational meeting
September 10 Wilbur Whitten Knot-group killers
September 17 Ben Cooper (University of Zurich) Steenrod structures on quantum groups
September 24 Allison Gilmore (UCLA) On the knot Floer cube of resolutions
October 1 Shea Vela-Vick (LSU) Transverse knots, infinite cyclic covers and Heegaard Floer homology
October 8 Michael Abel (UNC Chapel Hill) Virtual crossings and filtrations in HOMFLY-PT homology
October 15 No seminar Reading break
October 22 Bulent Tosun (UVa) Contact surgery and contact invariant
October 29 Adam Knapp (American U) Cotangent bundles of open 4-manifolds
November 5 Paul Melvin (Bryn Mawr College) Exotic 2-spheres in 4-manifolds
November 12 Slava Krushkal Distortion and thickness in Euclidean spaces
November 19 Thomas Mark (UVa) Stein fillings and a relative symplectic isotopy problem
November 26 Ben Webster Grassmannians and Khovanov homology
December 10 Richard Sher Wild Embeddings in Manifolds

Spring Semester

Date Speaker Title
February 11 Aaron Abrams (Washington and Lee University) Homological and homotopical Dehn functions are different
February 18 Joshua Sabloff (Haverford) Topologically Distinct Lagrangian Fillings and the Generating Family Homology Number
February 25 Cagri Karakurt (U Texas) Star Surgery of Symplectic 4-Manifolds
March 4 Daniel Cristoforo-Gardiner (IAS) Length, volume, and the existence of two Reeb orbits
March 11 No seminar Spring break
March 18 David Krcatovich (MSU) The reduced knot Floer complex
April 3 Steven Boyer (UQAM) L-spaces, left-orderability, and foliations
April 22 Jeffrey Meier (U Texas) Distinguishing topologically and smoothly doubly slice knots
April 29 Eamonn Tweedy (Rice U) Positive concordance classes
May 6 Michael Willis (UVa) Rasmussen's s-invariant for Knots and Links


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