University of Virginia Geometry Seminar 2012-13

Fall Semester

Date Speaker Title
September 18 Sean Droms (UVA) Spinal open books and Stein fillings
October 2 Laura Starkston (UT Austin) Genus 2 mutation and the rank of knot homology theories
October 23 Faramarz Vafaee (Michigan State) Seifert surfaces distinguished by sutured Floer homology but not its Euler characteristic
November 6 Matt Hogancamp (UVA) A quasi-idempotent approach to link homology
November 13 Adam Levine (Brandeis) Bordered Floer homology and splicing knot complements
December 4 Anthony Mak (UVA) Tight contact structures and contact invariants

Spring Semester

Date Speaker Title
February 19 Amey Kaloti (Georgia Tech) Stein fillings of planar open books
February 26 Yi Li (Johns Hopkins) A new way to Hopf's conjectures and Yau's problem
March 5 Rui Wang (UW Madison) Canonical connection on contact manifolds and its application to contact instantons
April 2 Michael Brandenbursky (Vanderbilt) Quasi-isometric embeddings, quasi-morphisms and groups of geometric origin
April 9 Cheryl Balm (Michigan State) Crossing changes, satellites and twisting operations
April 16 Matthew Graham (Boston College) Grid and Marked Movies
April 23 Matt Hogancamp (UVa) Thesis Defense: Local and quasi-local sl(2) link homology
April 26 Michael Freedman (Microsoft Station Q) Distortion of knots and complexes
April 30 Cagatay Kutluhan (Harvard) Holonomy filtration and knots


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