Colloquium 2006-07

Fall 2006

August 24

August 31

September 7

September 14

September 21
Christoph Hauert (Harvard University)
Evolutionary Dynamics and the Problem of Cooperation
Host: IMS
September 28
Jacob Lurie (Harvard University)
Elliptic Cohomology and Derived Geometry
Host: Nick Kuhn and Greg Arone
October 5
Petronela Radu (University of Nebraska)
Existence and Blow-up for Semilinear Wave Equations
Host: Irena Lasiecka
October 12
Bob Palais (University of Utah)
Modeling and analyzing DNA melting transitions for molecular diagnostics
Host: John Imbrie and the IMS
October 19
Tailgating by football boosters in our parking lot prior to a 7:30 football game: no colloquium

October 26
Nikolai Saveliev (University of Miami)
On the homology cobordism group
Host: Tom Mark
November 2
Alexei Oblomkov (Princeton University)
Gauge/String theory duality
Host: Weiqiang Wang
November 9
Ben Bolker (University of Florida)
Spatial moment equations for the dynamics of ecological systems and the evolution of dispersal shape
Host: IMS

November 16
Stefan Schwede (Bonn and MIT)
Rigidity of the Stable Homotopy Category
Host: Nick Kuhn and Greg Arone
November 23
Thanksgiving break: no colloquium

November 30
V. Lakshmibai (Northeastern University)
Schubert varieties - finite and affine
Host: K.Paramasamy and Weiqiang Wang
December 7

December 14
Richard Weiss (Tufts University)
Affine buildings
Host: Peter Abramenko

Spring 2007

January 11
Kirsten Eisentraeger (University of Michigan)
Hilbert's Tenth Problem for algebraic function fields
Host: Len Scott
January 12 (note: this is a Friday, and the talk will be at 2)
Ivan Shestakov (University of San Paulo)
Representation Types of Jordan Algebras
Host: Kevin McCrimmon
January 16 (Tuesday)
Mikhail Ershov (University of Chicago)
An introduction to Golod-Shafarevich groups
Host: Andrei Rapinchuk
January 19 (Friday)
Jonathan Brundan (University of Oregon)
Symmetric functions, Spaltenstein varieties and the category O
Host: Len Scott
January 23 (Tuesday)
Ioan Bejenaru (UCLA)
Local and global solutions for Schroedinger Maps
Host: Irena Lasiecka
January 25
Mark Shimozono (Virginia Tech)
Kac-Moody Schensted identities and affine Schubert calculus
Host: Weiqiang Wang
January 30 (Tuesday)
David Sherman (University of California at Santa Barbara)
Operator algebras and relative operator theory
Host: Barbara MacCluer
February 1
Matthew Blair (Johns Hopkins University)
Estimates for Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on Bounded Domain
Host: Roberto Triggiani
February 6 (Tuesday)
Abdelmalek Abdesselam (U. Paris 13)
The central limit theorem made complicated
Host: John Imbrie
February 8
Christian Haesemeyer (University of Illinois)
On the algebraic K-theory of singularities
Host: Nick Kuhn
February 15

February 22
Jon Carlson (U Georgia)
Modules of Constant Jordan type
Host: Brian Parshall
March 1
David Russell (Virginia Tech)
Nonlinear systems for highly compressive elasticity simulations
Host: Irena Lasiecka
March 8
Spring Break: no colloquium

March 15
Soren Galatius (Stanford University)
The stable homology of Aut(F_n)
Host: Nick Kuhn and Greg Arone
March 22 (the first talk of the Faulkner/Ward Fest weekend)
Bruce Allison (University of Alberta)
Lie Tori
Host: Kevin McCrimmon
March 29
Ben Raphael (Brown)
Explorations of Cancer Genomes: Mutation, Permutation, and Duplication
Host: Christian Gromoll and the IMS
April 5
Tomoyuki Arakawa (Nara Women's University, Japan)
Quantum BRST reduction and representation theory
Host: Weiqiang Wang
April 12

April 19
Kenneth Koenig (Ohio State University)
Comparing Interior and Boundary Operators in Complex Analysis
Host: Irina Mitrea

April 26

May 3

Next talk
May 10
Peter Symonds (University of Manchester)
Group actions on polynomial rings
Host: Nick Kuhn


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