Colloquium 2005-06

Fall 2005

Sep 1  
Bernhard Muhlherr (University of Brussels)
Simply connected subsets of buildings
Host: P. Abramenko
Sep 8
No Colloquium
Sep 15
No colloquium
> Sep 22
No colloquium
Sep 29
Weiqiang Wang (UVA)
Platonic Solids, Hamilton's Quaternions, and Dynkin Diagrams.
Oct 6
Tom de Medts (Ghent University)
Jordan identities in Moufang sets.
Hosts: K. McCrimmon and P. Abramenko
Oct 13
No Colloquium
Oct 20
Tom Haines (University of Maryland)
Triangles in buildings and applications to Lie theory
Host: W. Wang
Oct 27
Kenneth Brown (Cornell)
Applications of ring theory to probability
Host: P. Abramenko
Nov 3
Zoran Grujic (UVA)
Avoiding singularity formation in turbulent flows
Nov 10
The talk will be held at a special time: 3:30-4:30.
Tea and refreshments will be served after the talk, at 4:30
Bill Duren (Professor Emeritus, UVA)
A Career as a Scientific Generalist Based in Mathematics
Host: I. Herbst
Nov 17
Virginia Young (University of Michigan)
Mimizing the probability of lifetime ruin under borrowing constraints
Leonard Scott and the IMS
Nov 24
Thanksgiving recess - no colloquium
Dec 1
Jie Du (New South Wales)
Kazhdan-Lusztig cells in symmetric groups
Host: Brian Parshall

Spring 2006

Jan 19
Thomas Mark (Southern Louisiana University)
Geometric and topological invariants of symplectic 4-manifolds
Jan 24
Olga Plamenevskaya (MIT)
Heegaard Floer theory, knots, and contact structures
Jan 26
Jeffrey Schenker (Institute of Advance Study)
"1/t tails" for resolvents and the analysis of waves in random media
Note the special dates for the next three talks.
All the lectures will be given at the usual hour and room.
Refreshments will be provided at 3:30, as always
Monday, Jan 30
Tai Melcher (Berkeley)
Malliavin calculus and gradient estimates
Tuesday, Jan 31
Christian Gromoll (Stanford)
Measure valued processes, queues, and limit theorems
Monday, Feb 6
Joseph Coffey (Stanford)
Symplectic geometry: a geometry of area
Feb 9
No Colloquium
Feb 16
No Colloquium
Feb 23
No Colloquium
Mar 2
No Colloquium
Mar 9
Spring break
Mar 16
Dijana Jakelic (UVA)
On representations of quantum groups: crystal bases and completions
Mar 23
No colloquium
Mar 30
Misha Ershov (IAS)
On some properties of the Nottingham group
Host: A. Rapinchuk
April 6
Mark Sapir (Vanderbilt University)
Residually finite groups and dynamics of polynomial maps over finite fields
Host: D. Sonkin
April 13
Mike Jury (U. Florida)
C*-algebras, composition operators, and Fuchsian groups
Host: T. Kriete
April 20
Jong Kim (VPI)
Invariant measures for stochastic evolution equations
Host: I. Lasiesca
April 21
Sean Keel (University of Austin, Texas)
Tropicalisation and modular compactifications
April 27
Jill Pipher (Brown University)
Multi-parameter Fourier analysis
Host: I. Mitrea


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