Colloquium 2004-05

Fall 2004

(Note: The first two colloquia are joint with the Seminar on the History of Mathematics and the Commonwealth Consortium for the History of Mathematics)
Sep 2  
Peter Neumann (Oxford University)
Early Modern Algebra: a contribution of {\'E}variste Galois (1811--1832)
Host: Karen Parshall
Friday, Sep 3
Jackie Stedall (Oxford University)
Early Modern Algebra: the contribution of Thomas Harriot (1560--1621)
Host: Karen Parshall
Sep 9  
No Colloquium
Sep 16  
No Colloquium
Sep 23  
No Colloquium
Sep 30  
Sa'ar Hersonsky (Ben Gurion University, Be'er Sheva, Israel)
Diophantine Approximation in Negatively Curved Manifolds
Host: G. Arone
Oct 7  
Slava Krushkal (UVA)
Kazhdan groups, quantum representations, and the Fourier transform
Oct 14  
Todd Williams (Sagamore Hill Capital Management)
A Survey of Recent Monte Carlo Techniques
L. Scott and the IMS
Oct 21  
Gene Wayne (Boston University)
Dynamical systems and the Navier-Stokes equations
Host: L. Thomas
Oct 28  
H. Abels (Univeristy of Bielefeld)
Properly discontinuous and crystallographic affine groups
Host: A. Rapinchuk
Nov 4  
Carmen Chicone (University of Missouri)
The Tiger Fountain Problem: An introduction to the mathematics of water waves
Host: C. Zeng
Nov 11  
B. Sury (Indian Statistical Institute at Bangalore and UNC)
Congruence kernels in nonarchimedean rank 1 groups
Host: A. Rapinchuk
Nov 18  
Arun Ram (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Is there information in the turns?
Host: W. Wang
Nov 25  
Thanksgiving - No colloquium
Dec 2  
David Evans (Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia)
Host: IMS
Dec 9  
Dan Freed (University of Texas - Austin)
Representations of loop groups and topology
Host: S. Krushkal

Spring 2005

Jan 27  
Richard Schwartz (University of Maryland)
Irrational triangular billiards ( abstract )
Host: S. Krushkal
Feb 3  
Alex Szimayer (University of Western Australia)
Leonard Scott and the IMS
Feb 10  
No colloquium
Feb 17  
No colloquium
Feb 24  
John Nolan (American University)
Host: Leonard Scott and the IMS
Mar 3  
John Thompson (Professor Emeritus at Cambridge, currently at the University of Florida)
Conjugacy classes in upper triangular groups
Host: Leonard Scott
Mar 10  
Spring Break
Mar 17  
John Meier
A case study in the new combinatorial group theory
Host: Kai-Uwe Bux
Mar 24  
Mario Geysen (Department of Chemistry, UVA)
Host: IMS
Mar 31  
Amol Sasane (London school of economics)
Nullstellensatz for systems of PDEs
Host: Sara Maad
April 7  
Mike Reed (Duke University)
Probability and Neurobiology
Host: I. Herbst
April 14  
Ed Swartz
Counting Faces
Host: Kai-Uwe Bux
April 21  
O. Schiffman (Paris)
Vector bundles on curves and Lie algebras
Hosts: S. Krushkal and W. Wang
April 28  
Reserved for a special occasion
May 5  
Marius Mitrea (University of Missouri)
Host: I. Lasiecka


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