Colloquium 2003-04

Fall 2003

Sep 4  
No Colloquium
Sep 11  
Lucy Lifschitz (University of Oklahoma, Norman)
Arithmetic groups that cannot be right-ordered
Host: A. Rapinchuk
Sep 25  
Toby Berger (Cornell University; currently UVa, Dept. of Electrical Engineering)
Mathematical models of biological information transduction
Host: L. Pitt
Oct 2  
Daniel Biss (University of Chicago and Institute for Advanced Studies)
Decomposing Out(F_n)
Host: G. Arone
Oct 9  
Mark Shimozono (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg)
Quiver polynomials via Grobner deformation
Host: W.Wang/IMS
Oct 16  
William B. Levy (University of Virginia, Dept. of Neurological Surgery)
Understanding biological computation via constraint-based optimizations
Host: IMS
Oct 23  
Ross Geoghegan (Binghamton University, State University of New York)
Some interplay between group theory, Geometry, Topology
Host: P. Abramenko
Oct 30  
Yuri Berest (Cornell University, Ithaca)
Representation theory of Dunkl-Cherednik algebras
Host: W. Wang/IMS
Nov 6  
Special location: The talk will take place at 4pm in Physics 203
(Refreshments as usual at 3:30pm in Kerchof 314)
George Hornberger (University of Virginia, Dept. of Environmental Sciences)
Use of simulation models in early phases of studying an environmental problem
Host: IMS
Nov 13  
Grozdena Todorova (University of Tennesse, Knoxville)
The energy decay for wave equations with nonlinear dissipative term in R^n
Host: I. Lasiecka
Nov 20  
Ping Xu (Penn State University)
Symplectic realizations of Poisson manifolds
Host: W. Wang/IMS
Dec 4  
No Colloquium (but a SAM talk given by Toby Berger in Physics 203 at 4pm)

Spring 2004

Jan 15  
Bernhard Muehlherr (University of Brussels, Belgium)
On the isomorphism problem for Coxeter groups Muehlherr-01-15-04.html">
Host: P. Abramenko/IMS
Jan 29  
Jon Brundan (University of Oregon)
Shifted Yangians and nilpotent matrices Brundan-01-29-04.html">
Host: W. Wang/IMS
Feb 5  
Special location: The talk will take place at 4pm in Rouss 202
(Refreshments as usual at 3:30pm in Kerchof 314)
Jeffrey Roach (University of North Carolina, School of Medicine)
Protein structure determination via x-ray
Host: IMS
Feb 9  
Special colloquium:
The talk will take place on Monday at 4pm in CAB 119
Romyar Sharifi (Max Planck Institut Bonn, Germany)
The various faces of a pairing on p-units
Host: Dept. of Mathematics
Feb 26  
Ilya Spitkovsky (William and Mary College, Williamsburg)
Factorization of almost periodic matrix functions and its applications abstract )
Host: B. MacCluer
Mar 4  
Richard Weiss (Tufts University, Boston)
Generalized polygons and spherical buildings abstract )
Host: P. Abramenko
Mar 18  
Jesper Grodal (University of Chicago)
Lie groups from a homotopy point of view abstract )
Host: G. Arone
Mar 25  
Greg Lawler (Cornell University, Ithaca)
Random planar curves and conformal invariance abstract )
Host: A. Burchard
April 8  
Bernard Leclerc (University of Caen, France)
On the multiplicative structure of the dual canonical basis abstract )
Host: W. Wang/IMS
April 15  
Mary Beth Ruskai (Tufts University, Boston)
Additivity conjectures in quantum information theory
Host: L. Thomas
April 22  
Jan Philip Solovej (University of Kopenhagen and IAS, Princeton)
Host: A. Burchard


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