Colloquium 2002-03

Fall 2002

Oct 10  
Michael Maschler (Hebrew University and University of Virginia)
The bargaining set, kernel and nucleolus - theory and applications (a survey)
Hosted by the department of Mathematics
Oct 17  
Michael Kiessling (Rutgers University)
Statistical Mechanics of Logarithmic Interactions, Random Matrices, and Differential Geometry
Host: A. Burchard
Oct 24  
James McClure (Purdue University)
Algebraic models for topological spaces
Host: G. Arone
Oct 31  
B. Tsygan (Northwestern University)
Non-commutative differential calculus
Host: W. Wang
Nov 7  
Jack Morava (Johns Hopkins University)
Spaces of trees that twist in the wind
Host: G. Arone
Nov 14  
Milen Yakimov (Cornell University)
Representation categories for affine Kac-Moody algebras and finiteness of Kazhdan-Lusztig tensoring
Host: W. Wang
Nov 21  
Lars Hesselholt (MIT)
Algebraic K-theory and trace invariants
Host: G. Arone

Spring 2003

Jan 23  
Hendrik Van Maldeghem (University of Ghent)
Graphs, matrices and straight lines
Host: P. Abramenko
Jan 30  
Bob Griess (University of Michigan)
Existence and Uniqueness for Lattices and Groups
Host: W. Wang
Feb 6  
Walter Strauss (Brown University)
Existence of Periodic Water Waves with Vorticity
Host: C. Zeng
Feb 13  
Jozef Przytycki (George Washington University)
Host: S. Krushkal
Mar 13  
S. Margolis (Bar Ilan University and UVA)
Some Surprising Undecidable Problems for Finite Groups, Graphs and Other Finite Structures
Host: Department of Mathematics
Mar 20  
D. Zitarelli (Temple University)
Host: K. Parshall
Mar 27  
Alfredo Garcia (Department of System and Information Engineering, UVA)
Dynamic Pricing & Learning in Electricity Markets
April 10  
Ovidiu Costin (Rutgers University)
New results and analytic methods in the study of the time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation
Host: J. Howland
April 17  
Shrawan Kumar (UNC Chapel Hill)
A conjectural generalization of n! result to arbitrary groups
Host: W. Wang
April 24  
Ruth Charney (Ohio State University)
CAT(0) geometry and applications to Coxeter and Artin groups
Host: P. Abramenko
May 8  
Yan Guo (Brown University)
Host: A. Burchard


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