Colloquium 2000-01

August 31   Robert L. Griess (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)
"Automorphisms of Vertex Operator Algebras"
B. Parshall
October 12   Jennifer Key (Clemson)
"Dual codes of translation planes"
H. Ward
October 19   Haitao Fan (Georgetown University)
"Conservation laws with source terms, their attractors and zero reaction time limits."
C. Zeng
October 26   Sarah Ferguson (Wayne State)
"The joint similarity problem for weighted Bergman shifts"
T. Kriete
November 2   Jochen Denzler (Notre Dame)
"Optimal windows -- intuition, answers, and questions"
A. Burchard
Of related interest:
November 6 (Monday) CS Colloquium  
Karl Erich Wolff (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
"Formal Concept Analysis - A Fundamental Knowledge Theory"
J. Pfaltz
November 16   Tom Seidman (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
"A problem with nonlocal diffusion coefficient"
I. Lasiecka
November 30   Vojkan Jaksic (Ottawa and Johns Hopkins)
"Spectral structure of Anderson type Hamiltonians"
I. Herbst
December 7   Robert Bauer (Georgia Tech)
"Random holonomy and the Hopf fibration"
I. Herbst
December 8 (Friday, 2-3pm, 431 Cabell Hall)   Weiqiang Wang (NC State)
"From regular polyhedra to infinite dimensional Lie algebras"
Refreshments at 3pm in 317 Kerchof Hall
B. Parshall

Spring 2001

January 18   Ravi Vakil (MIT)
"Branched covers of the sphere and the moduli space of curves:
Geometry, physics, representation theory, combinatorics"
A. Rapinchuk
January 25   Jason Fulman (Stanford)
"Random matrix theory and the Rogers-Ramanujan identities"
H. Ward
February 1   Gregory Landweber (MSRI)
"Spin Representations and the Generalized Weyl Formula"
N. Kuhn
Of related interest:
February 1 CS Colloquium 3:30 pm 011 Olsson Hall  
Dana Randall (Georgia Institute of Technology)
"Finding a random needle in a combinatorial haystack"
J. Liebeherr, A. Burchard
February 22   Konstantina Trevisa (Maryland)
"Hyperbolic Conservation Laws"
I. Lasiecka
February 23 (Friday) at 2pm in 311 Cabell   Katrina Barron (UC Santa Cruz)
"The geometric and algebraic foundations of conformal field theory"
I. Herbst
February 26 (Monday ) at 2pm in 141 Clark   Zoran Grujic (UT Austin)
"Geometric depletion of nonlinear effects in 3D Navier-Stokes equations"
I. Herbst
February 27 (Tuesday) at 2pm in 141 Clark   Scipio Cuccagna (Southern Illinois University)
"Nonlinear Schrödinger equations appear naturally as envelope equations for nonlinear Maxwell equations"
R. Triggiani
March 1   Jan Hogendijk
"Medieval Islamic Mathematics"
K. Parshall
March 8   Robert McCann (Toronto)
"Geometrical Inequalities via Optimal Mappings"
A. Burchard, A. Ruzmaikina
March 22   Archil Gulisashvili (Ohio University)
"On the heat equation with a potential"
B. McCluer
March 29   Michael Maschler (Hebrew University and UVa)
"Dynamic systems, and their applications to game theoretical issues"
A. Burchard
April 5   Jie Du (University of New South Wales and UVa)
"Quiver approach in Lie theory"
B. Parshall
April 12   Tom Goodwillie (Brown)
"On dimension-counting"
N. Kuhn
April 19  
Harold M. (Ed) Edwards
"Gauss's Second Proof of Quadratic Reciprocity"
K. Parshall
April 23  
J. Chayes (Microsoft Research)
"Phase Transitions in Combinatorics and Computer Science"
D. Brydges
April 26   Pierre Cartier (Ecole Normale Superieure)
"Hopf algebras as a versatile tool in algebra, geometry, combinatorics and even mathematical physics"
D. Brydges
May 3   Zongzhu Lin (Kansas State University)
B. Parshall


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