Colloquium 1999-00

September 2   Gianluca Guadagni
"Introduction to the computer facilities and software in the Mathematics department"
September 9   Kailash Misra (NC State University)
"Representations of Quantum Groups and Crystal bases''
Contact: B. Parshall
September 16   Herbert Abels (University of Bielefeld)
"Properly discontinuous groups of affine transformations"
Contact: A. Rapinchuk
September 22   Felix Browder (AMS President and Rutgers University)
"Where is mathematics going, and why?''
Contact: J. Howland
Joint Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium:
October 1   Eugene Seneta (UVa and University of Sydney)
"Sampling, Politics and History: Jefferson and the US Census in the Year 2000"
Contact: K. Parshall & S. Garren
October 7   Tavan Trent (University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa)
"Operator theory and Nevanlinna-Pick problems"
Contact: T. Kriete
Joint Seminar with the Center for Biomathematical Technology
October 21   Steve Pincus
"Approximate entropy as a measure of sequential irregularity"
Contact: M. Johnson, A. Burchard
October 28   Benn Mann (NSF and University of New Mexico)
"On the Geometry, Topology of certain holomorphic mapping spaces and their connections with moduli spaces"
Contact: N. Kuhn
November 11   Dave Witte (Oklahoma State University)
"Superrigid subgroups of solvable Lie groups"
Contact: L. Lifschitz
November 16   Arturo Pianzola (University of Alberta)
"Simple Lie algebras, coverings, and Galois descent"
Contact: L. Scott, B. Parshall
November 18   Wojciech Chacholski (Yale University)
"A new look at some traditional theorems in algebraic topology"
Contact: N. Kuhn
December 2   Mary Pugh (University of Pennsylvania and NYU Center for Neural Science)
"Modeling thin liquid films subject to long-wave instabilities -- singularities, steady states, and their properties"
Contact: A. Burchard
December 9   Tom Kennedy (University of Arizona)
"Periodic structures from classical interactions"
Contact: K. Haller

January 14   Chongchun Zeng (Courant Institute)
"Homoclinic orbits and chaos for dissipative near-integrable PDE"
Contact: I. Herbst
January 16   Jiahong Wu (University of Arizona)
"Zero dissipation limits in Mechanics"
January 19   Slava Krushkal (Yale University)
"Topological classification of 4-manifolds"
January 24   Alexander Dvorsky
"Deformation quantization and analysis on Lie groups"
January 27  
Feng Xu (University of Oklahoma)
February 4   Qing Xiang
"Difference sets with classical parameters and their p-ranks"
February 7   Min Yang (Columbia University)
"Moments for exit times"
February 9   Vadim Zharnitsky
"Stabilizing effects of dispersion management"
February 11   Ilya Kapovich
"Nielsen methods and the subgroup structure of word-hyperbolic groups"
March 9   Laszlo Erdos (Georgia Institute of Technology)
"Derivation of kinetic equations from Quantum Mechanics"
Contact: A. Burchard
March 23   Herbert Koch (University of Heidelberg)
"Well-posedness for the Navier-Stokes equation"
Contact: I. Lasiecka
April 6   Andrzej Swiech (Georgia Institute of Technology)
L^p-Theory for fully nonlinear uniformly parabolic equations
Contact: I. Lasiecka
April 13   Peter Webb (University of Minnesota and UVa)
"Understanding groups from their actions on spaces"
April 20   Richard Weiss (Tufts University)
"Moufang polygons"
Contact: L. Lifschitz
April 27   Don Davis (Johns Hopkins University and Lehigh University)
"Homotopy groups of Lie groups"
Contact: N. Kuhn
May 4   Alexander Gamburd (Dartmouth University)
"Spectra of Elements in Group Rings"
Contact: A. Rapinchuk


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