Colloquium 1998-99

September 24   Burt Totaro (University of Chicago)
"Chern numbers for singular varieties"
Contact: Kuhn
October 15   Andy Magid (University of Oklahoma)
"Complete group algebras and deformations of representations"
Contact: Rapinchuk
October 22   Irena Lasiecka (University of Virginia)
"Wellposedness and long time behavior of solutions to nonlinear PDE's in dynamic elasticity"
October 29   Scott McCullough (University of Florida at Gainesville)
"New wrinkles on Commutant Lifting"
Contact: Rovnyak
November 5   Kevin McCrimmon (University of Virginia)
"Was sind und was sollen die Jordan Algebren"
November 12   Richard Laugesen (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana)
"Frequencies of strings and drums -- questions, and some answers:
Contact: Burchard
November 19   Richard Hain (Duke University)
"The moduli space of Riemann surfaces"
Contact: Kuhn
December 3   Jon Carlson (University of Georgia)
"Homological algebras with computers"
Contact: Parshall
December 10   Leonard Scott (University of Virginia)
"Computer Investigations in Group Representation Theory"

January 28   Stanislav Molchanov (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
"Physical random generators: difficulties and progress. Mathematical and statistical problems.
Contact: Burchard
February 1 (Monday)   Yuri Berest (Berkeley)
"Differentially isomorphic curves"
Contact: Herbst February 3 (Wednesday) 4pm in Clark 147:   Simon Litsyn (Rutgers and Tel Aviv University)
"Counting polynomials with restricted coefficients"
Contact: Ward February 4   Greg Arone (University of Chicago)
"Taylor polynomials in algebraic topology"
Contact: Kuhn
February 8 (Monday) at 4pm in Cabell 119   Yi-Zhi Huang (Rutgers)
"Representation theory of vertex operator algebras and geometric conformal field theories"
Contact: Herbst
February 18   Jiaping Wang (Cornell)
"Convex hull property of harmonic maps"
Contact: Herbst
February 19 (Friday) at 4pm in Clark 147   Haisheng Li (Rutgers at Camden)
"Regular representations of vertex operator algebras"
Contact: Herbst
March 4   Charles Dunkl (University of Virginia)
"Instruction with Maple"
March 11   Lev Rozansky (Yale)
"Quantum Field Theory approach to problems of 3d topology"
Contact: Brydges
April 1   Victor Isakov (Wichita State University)
"Recent results on the uniqueness of the continuation for systems of partial differential equations"
Contact: Lasiecka
April 8 Tom Kriete (University of Virginia)
"Bergman kernels, composition operators, and Laplace transform asymptotics"
April 22   Peter Abramenko (University of Bielefeld)
"Some group theoretic properties of buidings"
Contact: Rapinchuk
April 29   Katrina Barron (UC Santa Cruz)
"String theory and the geometry of vertex operator algebras"
Contact: Scott, Parshall


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