Algebra Seminar, Spring 2008

   January 30
    Title: Kac-Weisfeiler conjecture for Lie superalgebras in prime characteristic: formulation and proof
    Speaker: Lei Zhao (UVa)

    February 6
Commensurators of profinite groups
Speaker: Mikhail Ershov (UVa)

   February 13
The action of automorphisms of finite p-groups on group cohomology.
     Speaker: Nick Kuhn (UVa)
   February 20
Quadratic syzygies of transvectants
    Speaker: Jaydeep Chipalkatti (University of Manitoba, Canada)

   February 27
Minimal isotropic simple Q-groups of higher real rank
Dave Morris (University of Lethbridge, Canada)

   March 5  
     No talk  ( Spring break )

   March 12
Computing generic character tables
    Speaker: Frank Lubeck
(Aachen, Germany)

   March 19
Kostant homology formulas for oscillator modules of Lie superalgebras
     Speaker: Shun-Jen Cheng (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

   March 26
Limits and Colimits in Abelian Categories
     Speaker:  Jason McCarty (UVa)

   April 2
     Title: Modular invariant representations of W-algebras
     Speaker: Tomoyuki Arakawa (Nara Women’s University, Japan)
   April 9     No talk

   April 14 (Monday, Ker 317: note the special date)
    Title: H3 and Gerbal extensions
    Speaker:  Xinwen Zhu (UC Berkeley)
   April 18 (Friday, Ker 326: note the special date/place)
    TitleCounting maximal lattices
     Speaker: Alireza Salehi Golsefidy (Princeton)

   April 25 (Friday: note the special date)
    Title: Affineness of some Deligne-Lusztig varieties
     Speaker: Xuhua He (StonyBrook)
    Abstract: Deligne-Lusztig varieties are some locally closed subvarieties of a flag variety. They were introduced by Deligne and Lusztig in 1976 and play a key role in the study of representations of finite groups of Lie type. An open problem is whether or not all the Deligne-Lusztig varieties are affine varieties. In this talk, we will discuss some recent progress on this problem.   If time allows, we will also discuss some generalization of Deligne-Lusztig varieties to partial flag varieties.

   April 30 
    Title: Modular branching rules of wreath Hecke algebras and affine crystal graphs
    Speaker: Jinkui Wan (UVa)
    Abstract: We introduce a generalization of degenerate affine Hecke algebra, called wreath Hecke algebra (WHA). The simple modules of WHA and of related cyclotomic algebras are classified over any chararacteristic. The modular branching rule for these algebras is obtained and identified with crystal graphs of quantum affine algebras.


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