Algebra ∪ Arithmetic Geometry/Number Theory ∪ Representation Theory faculty

Charles Dunkl
Professor Emeritus
Charles Dunkl Charles Dunkl
Evangelia Gazaki
Assistant Professor
Evangelia Gazaki Evangelia Gazaki
Peter Humphries
Assistant Professor
Peter Humphries Peter Humphries
Craig Huneke
Marvin Rosenblum Professor
Craig Huneke Craig Huneke
Thomas Koberda
Associate Professor
Thomas Koberda Thomas Koberda
Kevin McCrimmon
Professor Emeritus
213 Kerchof Hall
Kevin McCrimmon Kevin McCrimmon
Ken Ono
Thomas Jefferson Professor of Mathematics and Chair
Ken Ono Ken Ono
Leonid Petrov
Associate Professor
Leonid Petrov Leonid Petrov
You Qi
Assistant Professor
You Qi You Qi
Andrei Rapinchuk
McConnell-Bernard Professor of Mathematics
Andrei Rapinchuk Andrei Rapinchuk
Leonard Scott
McConnell-Bernard Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Leonard Scott Leonard Scott
Weiqiang Wang
Gordon Whyburn Professor of Mathematics
Weiqiang Wang Weiqiang Wang
Harold Ward
Professor Emeritus
Harold Ward Harold Ward

Postdocs and graduate students

Anna Pun
Whyburn Research Associate
Anna Pun Anna Pun
Wei-Lun Tsai
Research Associate and Lecturer
Wei-Lun Tsai Wei-Lun Tsai
Charlotte Ure
Research Associate and Lecturer
Charlotte Ure Charlotte Ure