Representation Theory, Combinatorics, and Geometry

Friday October 19 - Sunday October 21, 2018

Workshop at Department of Mathematics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Precedes Virginia Mathematics Lectures by Andrei Okounkov, October 22-24, 2018

Local details

  • The workshop coincides in time with the Inauguration of the University of Virginia's new president which is on October 19 and 20. This implies traffic, parking, and access issues on Friday and Saturday - please allocate extra time for getting around. The red areas on the map (and maybe some additional parts) might not be accessible on these days. Wilson Hall (the workshop location) is accessible by foot via the blue path or along Jefferson Park Ave.
  • Everything should be quieter on Sunday - the best day to explore the beautiful UVA Grounds.
  • If you are coming to the workshop by car and are not leaving it at the hotel, note that McCormic Rd is closed, and Emmet St S and Jefferson Park Ave should be open (but with traffic on Friday and Saturday). See parking directions below the map.
Map of the workshop locations

Getting to the workshop from La Quinta / Days Inn

  • The La Quinta and Days Inn hotels where many of the participants stay is not quite in walking distance to the workshop location. Participants should carpool and park at UVA (see below for free or paid options), or use Uber/Lyft.
  • If you choose to walk, it takes up to 50 minutes. From La Quinta, walk to Angus Rd, cross to the walkway in the center of Emmet St North, walk past the bridge, and then cross back to the sidewalk (map). You will be close to the Barracks Road shopping center, from where there are blue-colored University buses. These buses are free, and you can use Northline (NL) or Purple Route (PRP). See the route maps here.

Parking (map)

  • Full list of parking options during the inauguration event (Friday and Saturday). Culbreth Road (Friday-Saturday) and Emmet/Ivy or Scott Stadium (Saturday) parking are in walking distance.
  • On Sunday, most of the parking at University is free (but carefully read the signs for tow away spots). You can park by the Math Department (if there is space), or at garages / lots by Stadium Road or Whitehead Road.
  • On any of the days, you can use the Central Grounds parking garage ($2.50 per hour, cash/check only). Availability on Friday and Saturday may be limited. This garage is in walking distance - see the map above.

Restaurants and things to do

  • Oakhurst Inn Cafe (1616 Jefferson Park Ave, close to the workshop). A good breakfast/lunch place; good coffee; closes at 2 pm
  • The Corner - a place with many lunch locations, including
    • Coffee options: Corner Joe (1325 West Main St Shop C); Grit Coffee (19 Elliewood Ave); Starbucks (1601 University Avenue)
    • Bodo’s Bagels (1609 University Ave). As suggested by the name, an excellent bagel place
    • Take It Away Sand- wich Shop (115 Elliewood Ave). A highly recommended sandwich place
    • Two Guys Tacos (101 14th St NW)
    • Boylan Heights (102 14th St NW). Burgers
    • Revolutionary Soup (104 14th Street NW). A soup & sandwich shop, specializing in local and vegetarian food
    • Christian’s Pizza (100 14th Street NW). One of the best pizzas in town! And open very late
    • Michael’s Bistro (1427 University Ave). Slightly fancier, gastropub fare
    • Pigeon Hole (11 Elliewood Ave). Homestyle and breakfast food
    A list of more places at the Corner
  • Dinner locations in Charlottesville include
    • Downtown Mall, pedestrian part of Main St. There are dozens of restaurants there.
    • Belmont: The Local (824 Hinton Avenue) and several places around; Lampo (205 Monticello Rd)
    • West Main Street: Public Fish and Oyster (513 W Main St); Orzo (416 West Main Street); and several places around.
    • Fry’s Spring Station (2115 Jefferson Park Ave). Fire-roasted pizza. Lunch/dinner option in walking distance from the workshop
  • Dinner in reasonable walking distance from La Quinta:
    • Milan Indian Restaurant (1817 Emmet St N), the closest option
    • Shops at Stonefield (walking map): ROCKSALT (2075 Bond St) and several other options
    • Barracks Road area (walking map): Tara Thai (1107 Emmet St N), Peter Chang (2162 Barracks Rd), and several other options
  • Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, a major historical attraction
  • There is a plenty of wineries and breweries around Charlottesville, including Blue Mountain Brewery (30-minute drive) which has a full restaurant.
  • Hiking options, in town and outside