Recent PhDs

The list includes initial job placement or current job (if known).

Fall 2019

  • Aleksandr Morgan
    Bounded generation of some linear groups
    (Advisor: Andrei Rapinchuk)

Spring 2019

  • Mariano Echverria
    Rutgers University, postdoctoral position
    Naturality of the Contact Invariant in Monopole Floer Homology under Strong Symplectic Cobordisms
    (Advisor: Thomas Mark)

  • Matthew Gagne
    Lecturer at University of Virginia
    The family index of the odd signature operator with coefficients in a flat bundle
    (Advisor: Nicholas Kuhn)

  • Gabriel Islambouli
    Univerisity of Waterloo, postdoctoral position
    Parallels Between Heegaard Splittings and Trisections of 4-manifolds
    (Advisor: Slava Krushkal)

  • Christopher Leonard
    Pricing and Data Solutions Lead at Houst
    Cateforification of Tensor Products of Representations for Current Algebras and Quantum Groups
    (Advisor: Weiqiang Wang)

  • James Phillips
    Wellesley University, visiting lecturer
    Reduction and Deformation of One-point Galois Covers
    (Advisor: Andrew Obus)

  • Brian Thomas
    Dyer-Lashof operations as extensions and an application to H*(BU)
    (Advisor: Nicholas Kuhn)

Spring 2018

  • John Berman
    NSF postdoc at UT Austin
    Categorified Algebra & Equivariant Homotopy Theory
    (Advisor: Michael Hill)

  • Kristin Courtney
    Postdoc, University of Muenster
    C*-algebras and finite-dimensional representations
    (Advisor: David Sherman)

  • Zachary Gates
    Finite presentability of groups acting on locally finite twin buildings
    (Advisor: Peter Abramenko)

  • Eloisa Grifo
    Postdoctoral position at University of Michigan, then tenure track position at UC Riverside
    Symbolic Powers and the Containment Problem
    (Advisor: Craig Huneke)

  • Christina Osborne
    Ohio State University, Ross Assistant Professor
    Decomposing the classifying diagram in terms of classifying spaces of groups
    (Advisor: Julie Bergner)

  • Michael Reeks
    Bucknell University, tenure track
    Trace and center of the twisted Heisenberg category
    (Advisor: Weiqiang Wang)

  • Veronica Shalotenko
    Lecturer at University of Virginia
    In Search of Bounds on the Dimension of Ext between Irreducible Modules for Finite Groups of Lie Type
    (Advisor: Brian Parshall)

  • Jonathan Simone
    UMass Amherst, visiting assistant professor
    Cut-and-paste operations and exotic 4-manifolds
    (Advisor: Thomas Mark)

  • Bradley Weaver
    Non-abelian groups of order eight and the local lifting problem
    (Advisor: Andrew Obus)

Spring and Summer 2017

  • Peter Bonventre
    Postdoctoral Appointment, University of Kentucky
    Comparison of models for equivariant operads
    (Advisor: Michael Hill)

  • Katelynn Kochalski
    Tenure-Track Job, SUNY Geneseo
    Fluid limits and the batched processor sharing model
    (Advisor: Christian Gromoll)

  • Bo Wang
    Quantitative Research Analyst, Susquehanna International Group, Philadelphia
    A generalization of martingale theory to self-averaging processes
    (Advisor: Christian Gromoll)

  • Michael Willis
    Postdoctoral Appointment, UCLA
    Stable Limits of the Khovanov Homology and L-S-K Spectra for Infinite Braids
    (Advisor: Slava Krushkal)

  • Xiang Wan
    Global Existence and Exponential Stability for a Nonlinear Thermoelastic Kirchhoff-Love Plate System
    (Advisor: Irena Lasiecka)

  • Anthony Mak
    Assistant Professor (non tenure-track), University of Delaware
    Towards an Alternative Notion of General Type Symplectic 4-Manifolds
    (Advisor: Thomas Mark)

Summer and Fall 2016

  • Hankyung Ko
    Postdoctoral position at Uppsala University
    Representations of quantum groups at roots of unity and their reductions mod p to algebraic group representations
    (Advisor: Brian Parshall)

  • Keith Leitmeyer
    Turbulence, Regularity, and Geometry in Solutions to the Navier-Stokes and Magnetohydrodynamic Equations
    (Advisor: Zoran Grujic)

May 2016

  • Scott Atkinson
    Postdoctoral Appointment, Vanderbilt University
    Convex sets associated to C*-algebras
    (Advisor: David Sherman)

  • Alessandro De Stefani
    Postdoc, KTH, Stockholm
    Homological methods, singularities, and numerical invariants
    (Advisor: Craig Huneke)

  • Daniel Franz
    Visiting Assistant Professor, College of the Holy Cross
    Quantifying the Residual Finiteness of Linear Groups
    (Advisor: Mikhail Ershov)

  • Stephen Hardy
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Hampden-Sydney College
    Pseudocompact $C^$-algebras*
    (Advisor: David Sherman)

  • Chun-Ju Lai
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
    Affine Quantum Symmetric Pairs: Multiplication Formulas and Canonical Bases
    (Advisor: Weiqiang Wang)

  • Bryce Terwilliger
    Director of Analytics, Prudential Financial
    Tandem Queues with Identical Service Times in Heavy Traffic
    (Advisor: Christian Gromoll)

May 2015

  • Arindam Banerjee
    Golomb Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University
    Postdoc, Purdue University
    Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity and Edge Ideals
    (Advisor: Craig Huneke)

  • Huanchen Bao
    Brin Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland, College Park
    Canonical Bases Arising from Quantum Symmetric Pairs and Kazhdan-Lusztig Theory
    (Advisor: Weiqiang Wang)

  • Ilya Igorevich Smirnov
    Postdoc, Stockholm University
    Uniform Convergence Methods in Hilbert-Kunz Theory
    (Advisor: Craig Huneke)

Summer 2014

  • Reed Nessler
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Texas A&M University
    Simple Connectivity in Polar Spaces with Group-Theoretic Applications
    (Advisor:Peter Abramenko)

  • Daniel Remine
    Senior Applied Scientist in Machine Learning, Adobe
    Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Stabilization and Control of 3-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Fluid Channel Flows by a Wall-Normal Boundary Controller
    (Advisor: Roberto Triggiani)

  • Julia Spencer
    Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, UVA
    Min-Max Game Theory for the Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations with Internal Localized Control and Distributed Disturbance
    (Advisor:Roberto Triggiani)

May 2014

  • Zachary Bradshaw
    Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas
    On Turbulent Dynamics and Related Theoretical Topics Associated with Diffusive Incompressible Fluid Models
    (Advisor: Zoran Grujic)

  • Ajay Chandra
    Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Imperial College London
    Construction and Analysis of a Hierarchical Massless Quantum Field Theory
    (Advisor: Abdelmalek Abdesselam)

  • Sean Ian Clark
    Data Analyst, Education Strategy Consulting
    Quantum Supergroups and Canonical Bases
    (Advisor: Weiqiang Wang)

  • Jason David Knapp
    Chief Science Officer, Riverain Technologies
    Stability and Convergence of Approximate Solutions to the Moore-Gibson-Thompson Equation
    (Advisor: Irena Lasiecka)

  • Christopher Grant Lefler
    Well-Posedness and Stability for Nonlinear Schroedinger Equations with Dynamic/Wentzell Boundary Conditions
    (Advisor: Irena Lasiecka)

  • Nathaniel Ray Pappas
    On Rank Gradient and p-Gradient of Finitely Generated Groups
    (Advisor: Mikhail V. Ershov)

December 2013

  • Mor Katz
    Essentially Normal Composition Operators
    (Advisor: Thomas Kriete)

August 2013

  • Nicolas Fourrier
    AI Lead, Demand Forecasting
    Analysis of Existence, Regularity, and Stability of Solutions to Wave Equations with Dynamic Boundary Conditions
    (Advisor: Irena Lasiecka)

  • Andrea Merlin Heald
    Lecturer, University of Washington
    Bounded Generation of Two Families of S-Arithmetic Groups
    (Advisor: Andrei Rapinchuk)

  • Matthew Hogancamp
    Assistant Professor, Northeastern University
    Local and Quasi-Local sl(2) Link Homology
    (Advisor: Slava Krushkal)

May 2013

  • Constance Baltera
    Coinvariant Algebras and Fake Degrees
    (Advisor: Weiqiang Wang)

  • Daniel Dobbs
    Asst. Professor, Trine University
    Properties of Measures and Processes Related to Brownian Motion on Infinite-Dimensional Heisenberg-Like Groups
    (Advisor: Tai Melcher)

  • Sean Droms
    Asst. Professor, Lebanon Valley College
    Constructions of Stein Fillings
    (Advisor: Tom Mark)

  • Timothy Emerick
    Principal Machine Researcher/Assoc. Director, Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc.
    A Group-Theoretic Characterization of the Unipotent Radical
    (Advisor: Peter Abramenko)

  • Craig Kleski
    Visiting Asst. Professor, Miami University
    Boundaries for Operator Systems
    (Advisor: David Sherman)

  • Kristen Mazur
    Assistant Professor, Elon University
    On the Structure of Mackey Functors and Tambara Functors
    (Advisor: Michael Hill)

  • Timothy Pollio
    The Multinorm Principle
    (Advisor: Andrei Rapinchuk)

  • Carolyn Yarnall
    Assistant Professor, California State University Dominguez Hills
    The Slices of Suspensions of HZ for Cuclic p-Groups
    (Advisor: Michael Hill)

August 2012

  • Jameson Graber
    Assistant Professor, Baylor University
    The Wave Equation with Generalized Nonlinear Acoustic Boundary Conditions
    (Advisor: Irena Lasiecka)

  • Joseph Johnson
    Assistant Professor, Mary Baldwin College
    K(X): An Equivariant K-Theory Functor from Spaces to lambda-Rings
    (Advisor: Nicholas Kuhn)

  • Jason McCarty
    Software Developer Grant Street Group
    The Mod 2 Homology of Infinite Loop Spaces
    (Advisor: Nicholas Kuhn)

  • Yung Ning Peng
    Associate Professor, National Central University, Taiwan
    Parabolic Presentations of the Super Yangian YM|N and Applications
    (Advisor: Weiqiang Wang)

  • Justin Webster
    Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County
    Analysis of Flow-Plate Interactions: Semigroup Well-Posedness and Long-Time Behavior
    (Advisor: Irena Lasiecka)

May 2012

  • Martin Keutel
    Analyst, Metron, Inc.
    Fluid Limits for the Shortest Job First and Least Attained Service Protocols
    (Advisor: Christian Gromoll)

  • Yongjin Lu
    Assistant Professor, Virginia State University
    Asymptotic Stability of Systems of Coupled PDEs Arising from Acoustic-Structural and Fluid-Structural Interaction
    (Advisor: Irena Lasiecka)

  • Daniel Pryor
    Topological Manifold Calculus
    (Advisor: Gregory Arone)

  • Jing Zhang
    Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Virginia State University
    in-Max Game Theory and Non-Standard Differential Riccati Equations under the Singular Estimates and an Application to the Fluid-Structure Interaction Model
    (Advisor: Roberto Triggiani)

August 2011

  • Shitao Liu
    Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki
    Inverse Problems for Single and Strongly Coupled PDEs via Boundary Measurements: A Carleman Estimates Approach
    (Advisor: Roberto Triggiani, Irena Lasiecka)

May 2011

  • James Nolie Hughes
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Mary Baldwin College
    On Polynomial Functors from Topological Spaces to Spectra
    (Advisor: Z. Gregory Arone)

  • Matthew Curtis Burkholder Zaremsky
    Visiting Scholar, University of Bielefeld
    Strong Transitivity and Weyl Transitivity of Group Actions on Affine Buildings
    (Advisor: Peter Abramenko)

December 2010

  • Nicholas Andrew Hamblet
    Systems Engineer, Commonwealth Computer Research
    A Convenient Homotopy Limit Description of Spaces of Affine Embeddings
    (Advisor: Z. Gregory Arone)

  • Timothy Woodcock
    Assistant Professor, Stonehill College
    Commuting Graphs of Finite Groups
    (Advisor: Andrei Rapinchuk)

August 2010

  • Katherine Cason Heller
    Assistant Professor, North Central College
    Composition Operators on S^2(D)
    (Advisor: Barbara D. MacCluer)

  • Robert Alan McEwen II
    Operations Research Analyst, Nat. Ground Intelligence
    Homological Stability for the Groups Out(n,t+1)
    (Advisor: Kai-Uwe Bux)

  • Diana Dunn Morris
    Lecturer, Engineering School, University of Virginia
    Coordination of Jordan Superalgebras
    (Advisor: Kevin McCrimmon)

  • Turker Ozsari
    Assistant Professor, Dogus University
    Stabilization of Nonlinear Schroedinger Equation with Inhomogeneous Dirichlet Boundary Control
    (Advisor: Irena Lasiecka)

May 2010

  • Eric Finster
    Postdoctorate, IGHT, Switzerland
    Stabilization of Homotopy Limits
    (Advisor: Greg Arone)

  • Katie Quertermous
    Assistant Professor, James Madison University
    Fixed Point Composition C-Algebras*
    (Advisor: Thomas Kriete)

  • Jinkui Wan
    Assistant Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology
    Representations of Affine Hecke Algebras and Related Algebras
    (Advisor: Weiqiang Wang)

  • Lei Zhao
    Postdoctorate, University of Oklahoma
    Modular Representations of Lie Superalgebras
    (Advisor: Weiqiang Wang)