Funding opportunities for current graduate students

Internal funding

Huskey Travel Grants

Huskey travel grants provide up to $500 per year for students to attend conferences and workshops.

These grants are decided on rolling three month windows. To apply, send

  • Conference or workshop name and dates of travel
  • Title of any work you are presenting
  • Estimated expenses


Departmental Money

We have money to support graduate student travel to conferences, workshops, and other institutions for work-related visits. Apply for funding with the host insitutions, but then also email with the proposed expenses before your trip.

Outside Sources

Conferences Organizers

Many conferences have money to support the travel of younger mathematicians. If you are attending a conference and need funding, you should contact the organizers and ask if funding is available and what you need to do to procure it.

American Mathematical Society

The AMS has several kinds of travel grants:

Association for Women in Mathematics

The AWM provides funding for women in mathematics to travel for conferences, mentoring opportunites, and workshops. More information can be found at their website: