RTG Postdocs in Geometry, Topology

With support from a National Science Foundation RTG grant, we expect to offer six 3-year postdoctoral positions over the next few years. These positions are slightly different from the department’s Whyburn and Pitts postdocs; in particular recipients of RTG postdocs must be US citizens. Some other features of the RTG postdocs are:

  • The position carries a teaching expectation of 1 course per semester.
  • RTG postdocs (as a group) will also lead summer REU-style research projects with a group of undergraduates from UVa and elsewhere. The summer programs will be coordinated by faculty and supported by graduate students, and include summer salary for the postdocs involved. Each postdoc will be involved in at least one of these summer programs during their 3-year appointment.
  • Postdocs will be encouraged to participate in other activities of the geometry/topology group: seminar and conference organization, mentoring of graduate students, and the RTG-supported regional collaborative research initiative.
  • The RTG postdoctoral positions include an allowance for travel and materials (such as a computer).

For more information and details, please see the math department’s job listings on mathjobs.org or contact one of the RTG faculty.