Collaborative Research Projects

The geometry/topology group is organizing several ongoing collaborative research projects. Our goal is to involve faculty, postdocs, and graduate students from mainly colleges and universities in the Virginia region, in substantial front-line mathematical research in geometry and topology. Projects will be led by senior researchers; the first round of projects started off in summer of 2022 with an intense retreat workshop. The currently active projects fall within the realm of algebraic topology; upcoming projects will focus in geometry or geometric topology.

Current Projects and Teams
  • Equivariant partition complexes and trees
    • Team leaders: Julie Bergner (UVA) and Peter Bonventre (Georgetown)
    • Team members: Maxine Elena Calle (Penn), David Chan (Vanderbilt), and Maru Sarazola (Johns Hopkins)
  • Calculations with the equivariant sphere spectrum
    • Team leaders: Bert Guillou and Nat Stapleton (Kentucky)
    • Team members: Tanner Carawan (UVA), Rebecca Field (James Madison), and David Mehrle (Kentucky)
  • Dyer-Lashof operations on Ext groups
    • Team leaders: Nick Kuhn (UVA) and Don Larson (Catholic University)
    • Team members: William Balderrama (UVA), Justin Barhite (Kentucky), and Andres Mejia (Penn)

Collaborative Workshop in Algebraic Topology

August 1-5, 2022

The goal of this workshop was to bring together researchers at various career stages in the Mid-Atlantic region working in the area of algebraic topology, with the aim of fostering collaborations. Each of three teams has two team leaders who develop a research idea, and three participants who learn background material in advance of the workshop. Each team will continue to work after the workshop itself and write a paper on their results.

The workshop took place at Good Place Farms in Lexington, Virginia, and was supported by the Geometry and Topology RTG grant.

Summer School
Summer School
Summer School