Abdelmalek Abdesselam
Associate Professor
227 Kerchof Hall
Office hours: Mon 2-3pm and Wed 10-11am
Personal page
Abdelmalek Abdesselam Abdelmalek Abdesselam
Peter Abramenko
306 Kerchof Hall
Office hours: W 12–1, Th 1-2
Personal page
Peter Abramenko Peter Abramenko
Paul Bourdon
Professor & Director of Lower Division Courses, General Faculty
Paul Bourdon Paul Bourdon
Evangelos Dimou
Assistant Professor, General Faculty
224 Kerchof Hall
Evangelos Dimou Evangelos Dimou
Yen Do
Assistant Professor
329 Kerchof Hall
Office hours: Tue 11-12 and Thu 3:30-4:30
Personal page
Yen Do Yen Do
Juraj Földes
Assistant Professor
Juraj Földes Juraj Földes
Evangelia Gazaki
Assistant Professor
Evangelia Gazaki Evangelia Gazaki
Christian Gromoll
Associate Professor
204 Kerchof Hall
Office hours: Tue 11-12, and by appointment
Personal page
Christian Gromoll Christian Gromoll
Zoran Grujic
331 Kerchof Hall
Office hours: Wed 2:30-4:30
Personal page
Zoran Grujic Zoran Grujic
Benjamin Hayes
Assistant Professor
219 Kerchof Hall
Office hours: Mo 11-12, Tue 2-3
Personal page
Benjamin Hayes Benjamin Hayes
Ira Herbst
Professor and Associate Chair
228 Kerchof Hall
Office hours: Tuesday 2PM, Thursday 5PM
Personal page
Ira Herbst Ira Herbst
Jeffrey Holt
Professor, General Faculty
Jeffrey Holt Jeffrey Holt
Craig Huneke
Marvin Rosenblum Professor
Craig Huneke Craig Huneke
John Imbrie
Professor & Chair
John Imbrie John Imbrie
Thomas Koberda
Associate Professor
Thomas Koberda Thomas Koberda
Sara Maloni
Assistant Professor
Sara Maloni Sara Maloni
Tai Melcher
Associate Professor
Tai Melcher Tai Melcher
Ken Ono
Thomas Jefferson Professor of Mathematics
Ken Ono Ken Ono
Brian Parshall
G. T. Whyburn Professor
301 Kerchof Hall
Brian Parshall Brian Parshall
Karen Parshall
Commonwealth Professor of Mathematics and History
Karen Parshall Karen Parshall
Leonid Petrov
Associate Professor
Leonid Petrov Leonid Petrov
You Qi
Assistant Professor
You Qi You Qi
Andrei Rapinchuk
McConnell-Bernard Professor of Mathematics
Andrei Rapinchuk Andrei Rapinchuk
Christian Reidys
126 Kerchof Hall
Christian Reidys Christian Reidys
Jim Rolf
Associate Professor, General Faculty
208 Kerchof Hall
Jim Rolf Jim Rolf
David Sherman
Associate Professor
211 Kerchof Hall
Office hours: Tue 9:30-10:30 and 2:00-3:00, Fri 10:30-11:30
Personal page
David Sherman David Sherman
Dmitriy Sonkin
Assistant Professor, General Faculty
129 Kerchof Hall
Dmitriy Sonkin

Postdoctoral Visitors

Prasit Bhattacharya
Whyburn Instructor
Prasit Bhattacharya Prasit Bhattacharya
Bruno Braga
Mary Ann Pitts Research Associate
Bruno Braga Bruno Braga
Vivek Mukundan
131 Kerchof Hall
Vivek Mukundan Vivek Mukundan
Anna Pun
Whyburn Research Associate
Anna Pun Anna Pun
Jinbo Ren
Research Associate
223 Kerchof Hall
Jinbo Ren Jinbo Ren
Liron Speyer
Whyburn Instructor
Liron Speyer Liron Speyer
Mouhamadou Sy
Post-Doctoral Research Associate & Whyburn Lecturer
303 Kerchof Hall
Mouhamadou Sy Mouhamadou Sy
Charlotte Ure
Research Associate and Lecturer
Charlotte Ure Charlotte Ure


Emeritus Faculty

Charles Dunkl
Professor Emeritus
Charles Dunkl Charles Dunkl
John Faulkner
Professor Emeritus
213 Kerchof Hall
John Faulkner John Faulkner
James Howland
Professor Emeritus
James Howland James Howland
Thomas Kriete
Professor Emeritus
Thomas Kriete Thomas Kriete
Irena Lasiecka
Commonwealth Professor Emeritus
Irena Lasiecka Irena Lasiecka
Barbara MacCluer
Professor Emeritus
Barbara MacCluer Barbara MacCluer
Kevin McCrimmon
Professor Emeritus
Kevin McCrimmon Kevin McCrimmon
Loren Pitt
Professor Emeritus
202 Kerchof Hall
Loren Pitt Loren Pitt
James Rovnyak
Professor Emeritus
James Rovnyak James Rovnyak
Leonard Scott
McConnell-Bernard Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Leonard Scott Leonard Scott
Lawrence Thomas
Professor Emeritus
Lawrence Thomas Lawrence Thomas
Harold Ward
Professor Emeritus
Harold Ward Harold Ward