4+1 (or 3+1) BA/MA Program

Information on the 5-year Master's Program:

  • It offers streamlined admission to the graduate school for the purpose of obtaining a master’s degree after 1 additional year at UVa.

  • You would be able to apply up to 6 credits of graduate math courses you took during your 4 undergraduate years toward the master’s requirements (30 credits), if you did not use them toward your bachelor’s. This is what can allow you to finish the master’s in only 2 additional semesters; it also saves you 6 credits of graduate tuition.

  • The program is “terminal,” meaning that you would not be eligible to continue toward a doctoral degree without going through the usual, full admission process.

  • There is no online application, application fee, GRE test requirement, or recommendation letter required.

If you think you may be interested in the program, we suggest you meet with your math advisor. Together you can discuss whether the program is suitable for you, and verify that your schedule will accommodate it. Note that interested students’ transcripts will be reviewed by the graduate committee in the mathematics department prior to their acceptance, and an endorsement from your advisor will be helpful in reaching a decision.

We also suggest you review the requirements for the master’s degree, which can be found here: http://www.math.virginia.edu/graduate/requirements

Finally, note that ONLY 6 credits of graduate work that you took while officially an undergraduate can count toward the master’s. In some cases, this might mean that to make the program work efficiently for you, you would need to graduate (from the bachelor’s program) early.

Participation in final exercises by BA/MT