UVa Department of Mathematics Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Conflict Resolution

The University of Virginia Department of Mathematics is an academic workplace and community that thrives best under conditions of trust, respect, understanding, cooperation, and belonging among all its members. In this document a department member means any faculty member, staff member, student, or visitor of the department.

This Code of Conduct (i) provides guidelines for behavior that will facilitate a harmonious, dynamic, and productive academic environment, and (ii) describes procedures for receiving and addressing any issues related to these guidelines in a fair and transparent manner. It applies to all department members whenever and wherever they act in their capacity as representatives of the department. This includes electronic communications, and interactions between department members when they are present on the grounds of the university.

This document is not intended to abridge individual rights and freedoms nor to threaten violators with censorship and sanctions, and we affirm the University of Virginia’s commitment to free speech and expression. We seek to promote dialogue and an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.

Expected Behavior

The Department of Mathematics is an academic community, wherein maintaining utmost standards of academic integrity is essential for functioning. All department members are expected to exhibit honesty and integrity in academic, research, and professional duties, including teaching and assessment. We expect instructors to maintain transparent grading procedures and be willing to review any graded work in a prompt, unbiased, and constructive manner.

Regardless of role or status, every department member is expected to behave respectfully.  Encouraged behavior includes the following examples, based on Respect @ UVa: respectful department members

Prohibited Conduct

Conduct prohibited by the university and reporting/redress procedures are outlined in the following policies, with which all department members should familiarize themselves:

Note that, with very limited exceptions, any university member who is aware of an incident of prohibited conduct is required to file a report with the university; see HRM-040.

Unacceptable/Unwelcome Conduct

There are other behaviors that do not rise to the level of prohibited conduct but can still contribute to a hostile and unwelcoming work environment. These behaviors can be addressed at the department level, with a non-punitive outcome, before they potentially escalate to prohibited conduct. In particular, we discourage behaviors contributing to an atmosphere that detracts from the academic and educational mission of the department and the university. Such behaviors include the following:

More examples can be found under the heading of disrespectful behavior at Respect @ UVa.

What To Do/What Will Happen

Any university member who wishes to report prohibited conduct to the university can use the Just Report It tool (scope includes Title IX violations, as in HRM-041) or the EOCR complaint form (PADHR violations, HRM-009 and HRM-010).

Below, we outline procedures for reporting and addressing grievances that may not rise to the level of prohibited conduct, so that issues may be resolved efficiently, transparently, and satisfactorily at the lowest possible administrative level.

This code is a living document and subject to revision, with any proposed changes brought to the department for comment.