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AWM Interest Meetings

Event date: 2018/09/11

With the beginning of the Fall semester the Association for Women in Mathematics Chapter at UVA is holding two interest meetings for new members:

  • Brown 156 at 6pm Tuesday the 11th
  • Brown 148 at 7pm Wednesday the 12th

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Women's Intellectual Network Research Symposium

Event date: 2018/09/15

A one day conference featuring plenary talks, student talks, poster session, a career and mentoring panel, AWM Student Chapter discussion, and tutorials at all levels.

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Jefferson's Rotunda


Event start date: 2018/05/28

A conference on the role of journals in mathematics hosted by Professor Karen Parshall and sponsored by IMS will be held at University of Virginia from May 28 to 30, 2018.

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Ben Hayes

Ben Hayes awarded Excellence in Postdoctoral Research prize


Assistant Professor of Mathematics Ben Hayes was awarded the Amir Aldroubi and Amira Azhari Prize for Excellence in Postdoctoral Research from Vanderbilt University on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

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Thesis defense: Christina Osborne

Event date: 2018/04/26

Christina Osborne’s thesis defense will be held on Thursday, April 26.
The title of her thesis is

Decomposing the classifying diagram in terms of classifying spaces of groups

  • Date: Thursday, April 26
  • Time: 11:00am
  • Place: Rotunda Multipurpose Room

Everyone is invited to attend.

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Thesis defense: Bradley Weaver

Event date: 2018/04/27

Bradley Weaver will defend the PhD dissertation on Friday, April 27. His thesis is entitled

Non-abelian groups of order eight and the local lifting problem

  • Date: Friday, April 27
  • Time: 02:00pm
  • Place: Room 210 of the Physics Building

Everyone is invited to attend.

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Thesis defense: Zach Gates

Event date: 2018/04/19

Zach Gates will defend the PhD dissertation on Thursday, April 19. His thesis is titled

Finite presentability of groups acting on locally finite twin buildings

  • Date: Thursday, April 19
  • Time: 12:30pm
  • Place: Clark Hall G004

Everyone is invited to attend.

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Thesis defense: Mike Reeks

Event date: 2018/04/18

Mike Reeks will defend the PhD dissertation on Wednesday, April 18. His thesis is titled

Trace and center of the twisted Heisenberg category

  • Date: Wednesday, April 18
  • Time: 1:00pm
  • Place: Monroe 114

Everyone is invited to attend.

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