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Five Majors have been elected into Phi Beta Kappa for 2015


Congratulation to: Danielle Jones, Megan Tracy, Anna Yanchenko, Ziyuan Jin and Siyao Chan

As the oldest and most distinguished honor society in the country, Phi Beta Kappa offers membership to less than one percent of all undergraduates. Many of the leading figures in American history and culture have begun their careers with election to the society, including seventeen presidents of the United States. As a result, membership is a remarkable accomplishment, both for the student who achieves it and the faculty and staff whose support and guidance has led to this milestone.

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Vaughan Jones Poster

Vaughan Jones - Virginia Mathematics Lectures - April 6-8, 2015

Event start date: 2015/04/06
Vaughan Jones (Vanderbilt University)
  • Lecture 1: Knots and Groups
  • Lecture 2: Lecture 2: Von Neumann Algebra and Physics
  • Lecture 3: Do all Subfactors arise in Conformal Field Theory?

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Arthur Benjamin

“Mathemagics with Dr. Arthur Benjamin" The Mathematician and Magician - Sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Science

Event date: 2015/03/23

In his entertaining and fast-paced performance, Dr. Benjamin shows how to mentally add and multiply faster than a calculator, improve your memory for numbers and figure that days of the week for any day in history… and more!


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Alex Lubotzky Poster

Alex Lubotzky - Virginia Mathematics Lectures - November 18-20, 2014

Event start date: 2014/11/18
Alex Lubotzky (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Expanders: From One-Dimensional to Multi-Dimensional
  • Lecture 1: Expander Graphs and Geometric/Topological Expanders
  • Lecture 2: From Ramanujan Graphs to Ramanujan Complexes
  • Lecture 3: Coboundary Expanders and Property Testing

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Andrei Rapinchuk

Andrei Rapinchuk Appointed McConnell-Bernard Professor of Mathematics


Professor Andrei Rapinchuk has been appointed the new McConnell-Bernard Professor of Mathematics. This is a chaired professorship previously held by Leonard Scott.

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Slava Krushkal

Slava Krushkal a 2014 Simons Fellows Awardee


Professor Slava Krushkal received a Simons Fellowship in Mathematics for 2014. To honor the 2014 recipients, the Simons Foundation has placed an ad in the “Science Times” section of the New York Times (July 1 edition).

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Du Receives 2014 Putnam Competition Award


2014 William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition Award was given to undergraduate Haiguang Du for his outstanding score on the exam.

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Khan Receives 2014 E. J. McShane Prize in Mathematics


2014 E. J. McShane Prize in Mathematics was given to Ahsan Zulfeqar Khan for his achievements in mathematics.

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