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Ian Agol Poster

Ian Agol - Virginia Mathematics Lectures - October 14-16, 2015

Event start date: 2015/10/14
Ian Agol (Berkeley)
The Virtual Haken Conjecture
  • Lecture 1: An overview of 3-Manifold Topology
  • Lecture 2: What is Geometric Group Theory?
  • Lecture 3: Geometric Group Theory and the Virtual Haken Conjecture

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Virginia Analysis Lectures 2015-16


Part of the 2015-2016 focus year in analysis sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Science at the University of Virginia

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Virginia Math Bulletin, June 2015

Virginia Math Bulletin, June 2015


Presenting the second issue of the Department newsletter: 2015 Virginia Math Bulletin.

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Mathematics Department Diploma Ceremony 2015

Event date: 2015/05/18

The Mathematics Department Diploma Ceremony will be held May 18, 2014 (from 12:30-2:30pm) in the Lower Garden of Pavilion I.  The inclement weather location is Gilmer Hall, Room 130 at 1:00pm. For information regarding the graduation on the Lawn, see

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Andrew Obus

Andrew Obus will receive the All-University Teaching Award for 2014-2015


Professor Andrew Obus will receive the University of Virginia All-University Teaching Award for 2014-2015. He was chosen to receive this award along with nine (9) other recipients for their excellence in teaching, research and service accomplishments.

About the Award

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Katelynn Kochalski receives the 2015 Frank Finger Graduate Fellowship for Teaching


The Frank Finger Graduate Fellowship Award for Teaching was awarded to Katelynn Kochalski. This award honors teaching assistant in the College of Arts & Sciences for their recognition of stimulating and organized classroom teaching.

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Nick Kuhn

Mid-Atlantic Topology Conference 2015

Event start date: 2015/04/25

Mid-Atlantic Topology Conference 2015, April 25 - 26, 2015.

The conference will focus on the interactions between homotopy theory and group cohomology, with a special focus on the contributions of Nick Kuhn. Happy 60th Birthday, Nick!

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2015 Gordon E. Keller Mathematics Majors Dinner

Event date: 2015/04/09

The Gordon E. Keller Mathematics Majors Dinner will be held on Thursday, April 9th, 2015 at the Courtyard-Marriott located on Main Street.

This Dinner was conceived and organized by a former major advisor, Professor Gordon Keller, as a way of expressing the department’s appreciation for you. It is a great opportunity for all of you to connect with the faculty and other math majors in a relaxed and lighthearted environment.

In addition to a delicious dinner, there will be an awards presentation and a talk by Dr. Douglas Costa who was a former UVa Mathematics Professor. He is now the Director of Quantitative Research at Susquehanna Investment Group, LLP. Dr. Costa will present a talk “Mathematicians in Industry: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of a Mathematical Education.”

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