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Prof. Diane Hoffoss

Public lecture by Diane Hoffoss

Event date: 2019/10/21

Public lecture by Prof. Diane Hoffoss (University of San Diego) “Unfolding Humanity: Mathematics at Burning Man” will be on October 21 at 5:30pm in Physics Building 204. The public talk is for general audience.

Diane will visit UVa on October 21-22, see here for a full schedule of events and more details.

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Upcoming mathematics competitions

  1. The Virginia Tech Regional Math Competition will be held on Saturday, October 26, from 9am to 11:30 am. The exam will be held in Clark 101. Interested students should arrive by 8:30 am for registration formalities. No prior registration is required.

  2. The Putnam competition will be held on Saturday, December 7, from 10 am to 6 pm, with a two hour lunch break between sessions. The exam will be held in New Cabell Hall, room 323. Interested students should arrive by 9:30 am for registration formalities. No prior registration is required.

Future competition announcements will be posted on the special page.

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Mid-Atlantic Topology Seminar 2019

Mid-Atlantic Topology Seminar 2019

Event date: 2019/10/26

There will be a one day Mid-Atlantic Topology Seminar at University of Virginia on Saturday, October 26. Speakers will be:

  • Maria Basterra (University of New Hampshire)
  • Mona Merling (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Dylan Wilson (University of Chicago)
  • W. Stephen Wilson (Johns Hopkins University)

This seminar is a regional conference with a goal of bringing together the mid-Atlantic algebraic topology community. It will also serve as one of the inaugural activities for the NSF RTG grant that the Topology and Geometry group at UVA recently received.

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Thesis defense: Aleksander Morgan

Event date: 2019/09/19

Aleksander Morgan will defend the Ph.D. thesis on Thursday, September 19. The title is

Bounded generation of some linear groups”.

  • Date: Thursday, September 19
  • Time: 3:30 pm
  • Place: Kerchof 317

Everyone is invited to attend.

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Peter Sarnak

Peter Sarnak - Virginia Mathematics Lectures - November 4-6, 2019

Event start date: 2019/11/04
Peter Sarnak (IAS)
  • Lecture 1 - “Integral Quadratic Forms and Applications”. November 4, 5-6pm, Nau 101
  • Lecture 2 - “Integer points on affine cubic surfaces”. November 5, 5-6pm, Monroe 124
  • Lecture 3 - “Applications of points on subvarieties of tori”. November 6, 5-6pm, Nau 101

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Lunch attendees

Lunch with Sherry Gong (UCLA)

Event date: 2019/09/04

This week, the AWM met with Sherry Gong, an Assitant Adjunct Professor at UCLA.

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Sara Maloni

Sara Maloni receives CAREER award by NSF


The National Science Fundation has awarded Assistant Professor Sara Maloni with Early Career Development (CAREER) award. The five-year, $450,000 CAREER award is “the highest distinction that the NSF can provide to junior researchers in the mathematical sciences,” according to the organization’s website. This is an honor awarded to only 3 early-career scientists in Topology this year and around 40 scientists in the whole Mathematical Sciences. Sara Maloni works at the intersection of geometry and low-dimensional topology. She studies geometric structures and the way they change when one perturbs the space on which they are constructed.

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A pattern in the hyperbolic plane

Math Department awarded a Research Training Group grant


The Topology and Geometry group in the Department of Mathematics is happy to announce that they are the recipient of a five year $2.5 million Research Training Group grant from the National Science Foundation. The NSF RTG program is aimed at strengthening the nation’s scientific competitiveness by increasing the number of well-prepared U.S. residents who pursue careers in the mathematical sciences. Nationally, roughly 5 RTG grants are awarded each year by the NSF to support efforts to improve research training by involving undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty members in structured research groups centered on a common research theme.

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