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Virginia Math Bulletin 2021

Presenting the seventh issue of the Department newsletter: 2021 Virginia Math Bulletin.

View from the Chair

The 2020-2021 year was an extraordinary year for our department. We continued our unprecedented struggle with COVID with mixed results. In addition to significant human loss and suffering, we have unexpectedly been forced to transform every aspect of our personal and work lives. Despite growing optimism that a return to “normal life” is near, let’s acknowledge that we have all been hit hard by the pandemic. Some of us have lost family and loved ones. Some of us have contracted COVID. We have all struggled with the negative effects of physical distancing. Universities were never meant to be virtual.

As we move forward, let’s all be aware of the challenges we face: re-establishing community, restoring engagement with our students, supporting our friends and colleagues, etc. Despite the uncertainty of what comes next, I strongly believe that UVA Mathematics will emerge as a beacon of light in our lives.

In spite of COVID, I am proud to report that UVA Mathematics enjoyed a strong year. This newsletter welcomes some new faces, highlights faculty and student achievements and honors, and describes some of the wonderful programs and projects that help define UVA Mathematics. Please enjoy.

Ken Ono

UVA Department of Mathematics Chairman

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Last updated: Friday, March 4, 2022