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GTA Teaching awards


We are very pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s teaching awards for Graduate Teaching Assistants:

  • Zach Gates is the winner of this year’s Mathematics Department Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant award
  • Mariano Echeverria and Veronica Shalotenko have each been awarded one of ten All-University Graduate Teaching Awards
  • Mike Reeks is the winner of this year’s Class of 1985 Fellowship for Creative Teaching, awarded to the candidate who best demonstrates exceptional creativity in teaching activities. This is the first time this award has gone to to a mathematics GTA.


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Undergraduate thesis defense: Arun Kannan

Event date: 2018/04/04

Arun Kannan will defend the undergraduate thesis on Wednesday, April 4. The title is

Characters for projective modules in the BGG category O for general linear Lie superalgebras”.

  • Date: Wednesday, April 4
  • Time: 2:00pm
  • Place: NAU 242

Everyone is invited to attend.

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Thesis defense: Eloísa Grifo

Event date: 2018/03/29

Eloísa Grifo will defend the PhD dissertation on Thursday, March 29. Her thesis is titled

The Containment Problem for Symbolic Powers

  • Date: Thursday, March 29
  • Time: 3:30pm
  • Place: Ruffner Hall G006

Everyone is invited to attend.

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Thesis defense: John Berman

Event date: 2018/03/29

You are invited to the thesis defense of John Berman, whose thesis is titled

Categorified algebra and equivariant homotopy theory

  • Date: Thursday, March 29
  • Time: 2pm
  • Place: Clark G004

Everyone is invited.

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Phi Beta Kappa logo

Math Majors Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa


Let us congratulate the following three math majors who have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa this spring!

  • Grace Dwyer
  • Kevin Lee
  • Luca Scerbo

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Thesis defense announcement: Jonathan Simone

Event date: 2018/03/22

Jonathan Simone will defend the PhD dissertation on Thursday, March 22, 2018, at 9AM, in New Cabell 383

The title the thesis is:

Cut-and-paste operations and exotic 4-manifolds

Everyone is invited.

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Events this week by AWM and Math Club

Event start date: 2018/03/22

Undergraduate Math Club and AWM Chapter are organizing two events this week:

  • Moon Duchin (Tufts U) will visit Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and give few talks about her work related to Gerrymandering.
  • Abby Stewart (U Michigan) will visit on Friday and we are organizing a lunch with her and a talk.

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Barry Simon lectures poster

IMS Special lectures - Barry Simon - February 26 and 28, 2018

Event start date: 2018/02/26

The UVa Department of Mathematics & The Institute of Mathematical Sciences present Special Lectures by Barry Simon (California Institute of Technology) entitled

Tales of Our Forefathers

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